The Night Before Christmas

A Story Retold With New Accompanying Charming Illustrations

It’s so sad that I have to begin my writing with such a cliché clause, but I have to.

When I was a very young boy, I dreamed of having a beautiful book, one with fantastic and colourful pictures, like those that I had seen in the library, and Alas, my mom wasn’t convinced by my wish. She always prioritized useful contents over aesthetic appearance. No wonder, I grew up with 100-page-long children novels and not a concise picture book.

But now, as a proud 23-year-old man, I can say with confidence that I have already fulfilled that dream.

The order, that I had placed on Book Depository a few weeks ago, just arrived in my mailbox. Inside the neatly packed box was a small shiny red book, comfortably fitted in the hands of a child, in the title of “the Night Before Christmas”. It is written by Clement C. Moore and illustrated in the style of silhouette paper cut by a Thai illustrator Niroot Puttapipat.

The old tale is retold again not only in new packaging but also with a whole new unique style of illustration.

I have to say that the illustration is AMAZING! I’m totally in love with it. I don’t know if it sounds weird but I like the delicate edges of each illustration. It’s just so meticulously created. I also like the use of dark silhouette as the main component with an accompany of only two colours, red and green, the spirit of Christmas at its finest.

For the story, it’s really a simple as it’s intended for children. The story follows the perspective of a father as he sneakily watches Saint Nick visits his house on Christmas Eve.

I recommend this book for parents with children under the age of ten (older than that and they might get bored). The vocabulary is quite simple, but there are some big words that you teach to your kids. They will learn a lot of words that are used to describe appearance (especially Santa’s body), and all the reindeers’ names.

Just imagine reading this book on cold Christmas Eve night is soothing my heart. So, just grab one if you are into beautiful books like, or if you just want one for your children.

The book comes with a surprising ending that will give you (and your children provided you’ve one) a merry Christmas! This paper cut piece of art is so delicate I want to cry.

A jolly Christmas to you all!

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