The Christmas Eve Tree by Delia Huddy & Emily Sutton

A refreshing tale for the Christmas season

If you have read Hans Christian Andersen’s short story, The Fir Tree, you would be somewhat familiar with the story of this particular work. However, luckily for us reader, in this light-hearted book, the protagonist or the tree has a much more promising future than its 19th-century counterpart.

The story revolves around the fate of an unfortunate fir tree who is so small and not pretty enough to be sold. So, it is given to a homeless boy who would like to have a celebration like anybody else. He, later, will decorate it and has the most magical Christmas night together with the tree.

The story is so beautiful I almost cry. I’m in love with the theme of two uncompleted parts coming together and making a whole. The fir tree gives the boy a warm and wonderful Christmas. In turn, the Christmas tree is given happiness as he could finally see value in himself.

It is a beautiful book. The illustration is vibrant and cute and translates the magic of Christmas onto the pages really well. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into beautiful books, has a child, or just adores a good Christmas story.

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