2019 Holiday Reading List Updated!

I went back to Bangkok on Nov 19th and was there for about six hours, give or take. I didn’t plan to buy or spend my money in any way other than for transportation to Awakening Bangkok on Charoen Krung Rd. But you must already know from the photo that I underestimate my shopaholic self.

The moment when I stepped into Kinokuniya Store (for which I headed instinctively), I knew in my heart that I could not leave empty-handed. Especially, in this time of year when Christmassy books were displayed on top shelves. It was also a good time when Kinokuniya gave a special discount on selected books up to 70%.

I felt like I was blessed by God and it would be disappointed if I had got one or two of these babies back home.  So, I decided to stroll around.

I accidentally stumbled upon Bloom on a small discounted section hidden among other books. I picked it up, held it in my hand and started arguing with myself. Normally, I was not a big fan of graphic novels, but it was a graphic novel about gay love, so five points for that. Later, I turned it around, and to my surprise, I could get it for half a price! I then checked the rating score on Goodreads, and immediately took it after seeing 4.13 stars were given by more than 8,000 people.

Another book, The Penguin Book of Christmas Stories, was found when I carried my way out to the cashier. I always fell for a good anthology (and it was Christmas anthology, what more could I ask for!), so I decided to take it. I was very glad when I saw 20% off sticker on the back cover.

And that is how 2 new members find their way back to my house. I will start reading them on Dec 1st and enjoy the happy moment of this holiday season.

I hope you find your holiday books, films or anything you’d love to do too!

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